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Preparing for Spring Cleaning

The thought of cleaning before cleaning may seem odd, but making sure that your cleaning tools are in tip-top shape can save you time when you start your spring cleaning. Read on for ways to get yourself prepared to get cleaning.

1. De-funk the Dishwasher.

Food from dishes can get trapped inside the dishwasher and start to smell over time. Check your manual to locate the food filter and make sure to empty it and run it under hot water. Run a machine cleanser through on an empty cycle and you will be good to go! Once your dishwasher is sparkling, think about items in the house you can use it to clean such as wall sconces, plastic toys, toothbrush holders and more.

2. De-lint the Dryer.

Removing the fuzz from the filter with every load is part of the regular routine, but giving the filter area a deep clean is probably something you overlook. Thousands of fires start in laundry rooms every year, and dryer lint can be a major factor. Use your vacuum cleaner wand to get down inside and remove as much fuzz as you can. If you notice your clothes not drying as quickly, this is a great thing to start with when you troubleshoot.

3. De-gunk the Washer.

Front load washers are great for getting clothes clean, but they need some cleaning love as well. Make sure to clean along the rubber gasket to remove any debris or mildew that may be backing up. Run an empty cycle on hot with a machine cleaner once a month or more often if you start to notice build up.

4. De-fuzz the Vacuum.

Maintaining your vacuum will keep it sucking for years to come. Replace the bag or clean out the canister, and replace or wash the filters. For all the hair and fuzz stuck around the brush, use a scissors or seam ripper. After the vacuum is tuned up, use it to help you freshen up your mattress. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to gently spray on the mattress and baking soda to absorb odors. Vacuum it all up with the crevice tool and remake with clean sheets for a good night’s sleep.

5. De-dust the Broom.

Brooms can get mucked up with old dust bunnies and debris. This can hinder your ability to get all the fine particles off the floor. Use warm soapy water to swish the broom around and remove any bristles that have broken. Allow to fully air dry before embarking on the next sweeping mission.

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