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Planning the Perfect Picnic

The time for long days spent in the sun and nights by the fire has arrived. Take full advantage of your time outdoors by planning a picnic for your next outing. Here are some tips to help you plan.

1. Consider your location.

Deciding on a picnic location can make a difference in what you choose to pack. Going on a hike means more to carry to your destination, while a local park may provide a short walk from the car to your outdoor table. If you are traveling a long distance you will also want to be cautious of foods that need to remain frozen or highly chilled. It is traditionally a good idea to avoid foods with mayonnaise or those that spoil easily.

2. Pack in reverse.

When packing your basket and/or cooler, put the items you will need last on the bottom. Having your plates, napkins and utensils on the top will allow you to set up the picnic while leaving the food in place until you are ready to eat.

3. Take advantage of tools.

Cutting boards can be an overlooked bonus on your picnic. When packing, use it between layers to keep things steady. At your location, use it to give you a stable place to set drinks. Multipurpose items are your best friend when you have limited space or a challenging location.

4. Think sustainable.

While it may seem easier to pack disposable plates, napkins and utensils, it can actually work in your favor to bring every day tableware. You won’t need to fight the breeze blowing away your plates, and taking everything home to clean is as easy as packing an extra plastic grocery bag.

5. Bring entertainment.

After putting so much time and effort into packing the picnic, make sure to bring along some games/toys to give your group a chance to hang around and relax. Playing cards are small and easy to transport while balls and Frisbees can lead to some active fun.

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