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Organize Your Closet like a Pro: 10 Tips to Elevate Your Style Storage

Not surprisingly, celebrities often enlist the help of professional closet organizers to help keep their massive wardrobes in check. In fact, Kim Kardashian got her start as a closet organizer for many celebrities in the early 2000s. Below are tips from professionals that you can use in your own closet to keep things in order.

1. Keep track of wears.

There is an old adage that says if you have not worn something for 12 months it is time to get rid of it. Sometimes that is easier said than done. If you are having trouble committing to removing a piece from your wardrobe, set it aside for 24 hours and then come back to it for a fresh take.

2. Rotate items.

If there are items or accessories that you love but are tired of wearing, think about packing them up in clearly marked tubs for a while. This will give you a chance to wear other pieces and allow you to come back to the packed away items when you are ready.

3. Make a profit.

If you have items that are still in good condition that you are ready to part with, consider selling them. There are many online resources for this purpose or you can find a local consignment store to work with.

4. Make the repairs.

Look through your closet for items in need of repair, such as missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. and group them all together. When you have everything that needs work all together you will be more likely to get them fixed and back into your ready-to-wear rotation.

5. Clean as you go.

As you are going through your closet, take the opportunity to wipe down shelves, dust, and vacuum as spaces open up. That way you can move items around to clean spaces and not do double work at the end.

6. Create categories.

By grouping items into categories (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.) you will be able to find things much faster. Within each group you can break it down even further until you have everything just the way you like it.

7. Watch the direction.

Make sure that all hangers and clothing items are facing the same direction. This will give the closet consistency and make it easier for you to identify pieces you are looking for.

8. Belt it out.

Instead of placing belts in a drawer, or a pile, create a row of hooks or purchase a specific belt hanger to get them out of your way.

9. Use wasted wall space.

If you have an empty wall in your closet, use it to hang scarves or other similar items. For scarves, hanging a towel bar can give you just the right way to display them without taking up too much space.

10. Keep calm and carry on.

When taking on a project like this it is easy to get overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time and don’t be afraid to take a break and come back to it.

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