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Making the Move: Tips for Making Packing Less Painful

Buying a new home is an exciting adventure, but for some people the thought of packing for the move adds a layer of dread. Read below for some tips on how to make the moving process as painless as possible.

Declutter Before Reaching for the Boxes

Before throwing things into boxes, take a good look at your home and get rid of anything that you cannot see a use for in your new home. Items that don’t make the cut can be donated or thrown out so that they don’t take up precious space in your boxes and moving truck.

Pack Ahead

Instead of waiting until the last minute, try starting as soon as you know you are planning a move and pack away things you know you will not be using. These items can be anything from off-season clothing, books you have already read, and pictures or keepsakes. Doing things in little chunks will keep the process from feeling overwhelming.

Create a Numbering System

Looking ahead to your new home can help you get your packing organized. By creating a list of what is in each box and putting a number on the boxes, you will easily be able to find your French press coffee maker your first morning in your new home. Keep track of the items using Google docs or find an organizing app for your phone. Besides helping you locate just the right item at the right time, this system will help you know exactly how many boxes you have so you will know if one is missing.

Consider Items That Need Special Treatment

It may seem like your flat-screen TV will have no issues making the 30-minute trek across town, but keep in mind this is a fragile piece of technology. If you do not have the original box, make sure you take extra care with quilted blankets and bubble wrap. The same goes for expensive artwork or anything with sentimental value. If it came with a hefty price tag or a lot of memories, it is best to take the extra time upfront to ensure it gets to your destination in one piece.

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