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Tips for Maintaining a Luxurious Lawn

Summer means time spent outdoors and having a good-looking lawn creates the perfect space for play and lounging. Here are some tips to help you get and maintain a luxurious lawn.

1. Feed it.

Providing your lawn with nutrients helps strengthen it and builds a solid base. Depending on the amount of shade from trees or any specific soil needs, you can find a fertilizer that will help your grass withstand the heat and drought that occur during the summer months. If you have kids or pets, you may want to look for an organic fertilizer that is family-friendly.

2. Mow it.

It may seem pretty straight forward, but mowing your lawn correctly can make a big difference in the overall health of your yard. Make sure the blade height is not too low so that your grass can develop longer roots and help shade itself during the high heat months of summer. Also, mowing in different directions each time will help keep your lawn from developing lines or distinct patterns.

3. Water it.

Making sure your lawn is getting the right amount of watering can be tricky. Ideally, water should reach 4 to 6 inches below the surface. To check this, use a screwdriver or towel after you water to see how far the water is penetrating. Watering in the mornings will help your grass absorb the most water with the least evaporation.

4. Enjoy it.

After spending time working on getting the perfect lawn, make sure you enjoy it. Get out the blanket and picnic basket to enjoy the luxurious lawn you have created.

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