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Tips to Get Ready for Entertaining

As the holiday season approaches, there are many opportunities to entertain friends and family. Getting prepared for all of these events doesn’t have to take all of your time and energy. Here are some quick tips to ensure you can enjoy your gatherings.

1. Prepare Your Lists.

One of the most stressful parts of entertaining is timing. Make lists early and do anything ahead of time that you can. Look into ordering your groceries online to save yourself even more time.

2. Choose a Theme.

Sticking to two or three colors for your decorations can help keep things consistent while keeping your decorating time and budget to a minimum. Look for items you can reuse from previous years or things from different rooms that you can repurpose.

3. Ask for Help.

If you have a spouse or children that can help you, let them. Make lists of items they can easily help you with to split the responsibility and take off some of the pressure.

4. Have a Signature Drink.

Instead of worrying about stocking the bar, create a signature drink that everyone will enjoy. It should be something that you can make in large batches so that you can spend more time enjoying than mixing.

5. Stick with Tried and True.

An easy way to throw yourself off is to try a new recipe when you are already spread thin. Stick with recipes you know and love to keep things simple and stress free.

6. Be Realistic.

With the invention of Pinterest, we all feel pressure to have the perfect party with all the fancy trimmings. Instead of putting all your energy into making sure things are Instagram-perfect, focus on the experience and enjoy.

7. Put Off Clean Up.

Don’t get distracted by dishes piling up in the kitchen and miss out on your gathering. You will have plenty of time after guests leave to clean up.

8. Enjoy Yourself.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and your guests. Take time to enjoy the moments with your loved ones as the holiday season will be over before you know it!

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