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Fall Decor Trends

When the seasons start to change it is fun to be able to update our surroundings with new and exciting décor. Read on for Etsy’s six fall home décor trends:

1. Upcycled and recycled.

Sustainable and eco-conscious products are everywhere right now with home décor being no exception. When bringing this trend into your home, look for pieces that may have started with one purpose and give them new life by repurposing them for your needs.

2. Give it wings.

The saying everything old is new again works for the latest reincarnation of bird décor. Birds are popping up everywhere with elevated details like gold and glass.

3. We love the 90’s.

1990’s fashion has returned closets all over and that trend is moving into home décor with elements like iridescent shimmer gracing everything from glassware to wall coverings. The rainbow hue can help bring color to a neutral palate.

4. Make an entrance.

One of the best ways to display our tastes and personalities is through home décor. Set the tone with a personalized door mat or front door decoration. Find unique and custom options on Etsy or look to Pinterest for inspiration.

5. Textural interest.

Materials like macramé, wicker and rattan were all the rage in the 1970’s and have made a comeback recently. The look is laidback and adds a casual flair to any living space.

6. Perfectly imperfect.

Watercolor effects and the imperfect lines of brushstrokes are hot for fall. The stripe prints are showing up on a lot of ceramics and pieces for display. The look could easily transition to textiles and wall coverings in the near future.

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