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Realize Your Remodel with Finance by Cambria

Now that summer is upon us, it’s a great time to start planning your next kitchen or bath remodel with Cambria®. Whether you’re dreaming of a sparkling, all-white kitchen with pristine countertops and a stunning center island crafted of Ella™, or a sophisticated master bathroom with a coastal-chic vibe featuring Oakmoor™, Finance by Cambria is an ideal way to pay for your remodel. We asked Alex Taylor, Consumer Finance Sales Manager at Finance by Cambria, to explain how the program works and why 2018 is a great time to remodel.

How Finance by Cambria Works

“After hearing so many of our customers say they’d love to remodel their homes but don’t know where to start, we developed Finance by Cambria,” says Taylor. “This streamlined, customer-friendly program makes it easy to get started on a remodel project with loans for up to $75,000. These loans have competitive terms and are unsecured, which means they are solely based on credit and customers do not need any equity in their homes to use them. This makes them convenient and easy to use with no paperwork whatsoever and also no closing costs, application, or appraisal costs,” says Taylor. “Participating Cambria dealers can give you the info you need to complete an easy, 10-minute paperless application. Then, select your favorite Cambria designs and you can also add other remodel products and services your Cambria dealer offers. It’s that simple!”

Why 2018 is a Great Time to Remodel

“We’re fortunate to have a strong local economy, a lack of new homes for sale, and historically low mortgage interest rates, which experts predict to remain low throughout the year. These factors make 2018 a great time to remodel,” says Taylor. “In addition to enhancing the beauty, functionality, and overall livability of your home, a remodel can also help differentiate your house from the competition if you’re planning to sell. According to the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report (, a minor kitchen remodel can return nearly 75% of the project cost, and a bathroom remodel can return more than 50% of the project cost, if the home is sold within a year. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home or sell it to the highest bidder, a smart, well-planned remodel with Cambria natural stone surfaces can add real value to your home.”

Realize Your Remodel with Finance by Cambria

Now is the time to make your home dreams a reality. Visit the Finance by Cambria webpage to find a participating Cambria dealer in your area.